Some of them are made by people who don’t know anything and are just looking for sensation. This also applies to slot games though, many of the slot game myths are believed by slot players to be even untrue. Having the idea that you will win because of the silly myths you find on the Internet will lead you to disappointment. Understanding how slot games work is the first step in turning you into a knowledgeable player.

Both online and offline slot machines use a technology called RNG (Random Number Generator), meaning that all slot results are random, and there is nothing you can do to change these results, even the bookie. However, like all other casino games, online slot games also need to use strategy. And these ten slot play guidelines will help you not to do what you shouldn’t do when playing online slots.

Now let’s get into the slot game myth that many people believe to this day, which of course, silliness isn’t pure.

1. More wins on certain days

Very not true. Casinos or bookies cannot change the payment percentage program on the game smoothly or quickly. You will also find online slot game sites that claim that certain days are better than other days, or that payments increase during specific dates. Whatever it is, everything is not right. Time, day, or age do not affect your chances of winning.

2. The Lever Slot Machine Can More Often Be Won Than The Button

This might slow down your game a little, but it won’t increase your chances of winning. Maybe this will reduce your average number of defeats, but the effect is ignored. Suppose you play 400 rounds per hour by pressing a button, but by using a lever, you have reduced it to 350 rounds per hour. It’s not because you have changed the chances of winning slots, but it’s because you made fewer bets per hour.

3. The dealer can help you find loose slots

One of the ridiculous slot game myths is that you can ask the city where slots are loose. They certainly don’t have a better idea about where the game with the best chance of winning is than anyone. Even if they tell you, it will still give negative expectations, so you cannot benefit from that information.

4. You cannot increase your chances of winning

This does sound contrary to all the advice we give on this page, but it’s not. You can choose the type of slot game to be played, and some kinds of slot machine games offer better opportunities than others. For example, slot games with fixed alias jackpots almost always provide a better chance of winning than games with progressive jackpots. Slots games with higher denominations practically always offer better opportunities than others. And games with lots of video bonuses and extras usually pay a little more than regular sets. That’s because bonus games on video slots require more time to spin on a roll, which means that you use less money into the game per hour. Casinos make up for it by setting a lower return percentage on these machines.

Also, one simple way to increase your chances of winning is to avoid playing at the airport. They always have the lowest payment percentage.

5. The Temperature of the Coin Affects

Most people don’t use coins anymore because they can play online, but even though some people still use them, do you think that a warmer currency will increase your chances of winning? How ridiculous is it? You can’t increase your chances of winning just because it’s based on temperature because it has nothing to do and doesn’t make sense.

6. Hot Slots and Cold Slots

Some people think that slot machines can become heated or cold, meaning that when a jackpot machine does not release a jackpot, then the engine is warm, and the motor that has not been long giving the pot is cold. But the reality is that each roll or roll is independent. Slot machines will not be due to win when the devices don’t provide a jackpot for a long time, and they also don’t get hot and start paying more. Each spin is the same as a coin toss or dice toss – the result does not depend on the previous result.

7. Location of Slot Machines Has Influence

Many of the ebooks that you will find on the Internet that claim that winning ways in slots claim that the loosest machines are set in a particular place because they will attract more players that way. Slot online machines are fun, but if you believe the above slot game myth, it can cause disappointment. Don’t be a person who wants to be fooled. That’s all from GPslot about various slots game myths both online and offline. Hopefully, with this article, you will not fall into silly myths as above.